Pennsylvania Folk Gathering

September 13-15, 2024


Start Strong

Intensives for 2023

Start your weekend off with an exciting pre-event intensive class held just before the rest of the festival gets going.

All classes begin at 3 pm on Friday, September 8, 2023, and end at 5 pm.

Class size is limited, and a separate registration fee is required.

Fiddle Techniques – Steve Buckalew

This class is a safe space to air your fiddle grievances, problematic tunes, and general questions about all things bowed. Feel free to come with something in mind, or stick around to learn something unexpected. Intermediate level.


Guitar Backup – Karen Hirshon

Learn to be a better rhythm section for your band or for your own voice. For guitar players who are used to using a pick and who know at least 8-10 chords. Please bring a capo.


Clawhammer Banjo – Jay Best

We will explore several different tunings, double thumbing and drop thumbing techniques, hammer-on and pull-offs, and learn a tune or two using these techniques. For all levels beyond beginner.


Mandolin Techniques – Bill Quern

A survey of all things mandolin, including playing techniques like tremolo and chording, problem-solving, and generally easing the path to mastering the mandolin. For all levels beyond beginner.


Singing – Gene & Gayla Mills

Singing is the most natural thing in the world, but no matter how well you sing, you can improve with attention and practice. We’ll talk about how to listen, breathe, sing in tune, craft our phrasing, and more. And we’ll sing! For all levels.

Learn to Jam – Henry Koretzky & Holly Foy

If you haven’t jammed or haven’t jammed much, taking this intensive will get you ready to join in the jamming fun throughout the weekend. For all instruments.


Harmonica – Richard Sleigh

For those beyond the beginner level, we’ll look at techniques to take your playing to the next level, including tongue blocking, pucker style playing, note bending, breath control, volume projection, and tone control.